Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyday is an opportunity to do the greatest thing you have ever done and would never think is possible.

It is important to live everyday with faith and trust in God. Because I am an imperfect human being and it is silly to think what my wants are are the best.

Happiness, which I have defined as God, is an end and there are many means to this end. I feel that everyone who has lived, will live, or is living, is trying to accomplish this ultimate end, but do not get the chance, for whatever reason.

Sometimes it might be because I, or other people, try to find happiness in things that lead us towards the wrong path, be they drugs… a lot of things can be drugs though, even things that we would attach positive meaning to:

-heroine, cocaine, and the like
-marijuana (yes it can turn into a drug)
– pride & power (hence a fallen world)

It’s hard to have a balanced life. Some of these things are healthy when done appropriately and for the right reasons, but by no means are any of these things a pure means to the End. They can be supplements, and can keep you in check (not the hard drug thingies though) It’s okay to eat, and necessary! It’s also a good thing to exercise, feel proud to a certain extent, or keep your area tidy, as it is to have sex in a responsible way.

But I think for me, personally, the path to happiness has to be clear and not a series of roads but just one. It’s really weird though. I still think you can be on one road and there will be a time where you are lost, and a train comes a long and offers to take yout to THE road, or maybe back where you started from, which in my opinion is better than feeling lost forever.

I have trust in God to lead me to the right way. I have my faults, sins, and for these actions I am separated from Him, and my goal, but I’m staying strong, and I want to not feel guilty for being afraid, I just want to overcome the fear.

Anyway, I need to read more on Robert Merton because I have a feeling I’m going to like his theory once I understand wtf he’s trying to write. I can’t wait to read more about Goffman. I have a friend who is writing on a blog like this and once we finish Goffman in class, I need to tell her some things about it. The frontstage, the backstage, the props, the timing, the setting, everything.

But we shall see.

Anyway… Yeah I’m kinda scared of some images I got in the mail about 3 weeks ago….

See ya??

Well I want to keep writing.

You see I want to look at the bigger picture here in my lifetime and have at least some part of this whole removing the table cloth underneath the stack fragile china and crystal bottles. In hopes of not making them all collapse. I want to learn how to reverse things, to change the structure of something without changing it’s stability or functioning. Some guns shoot out bullets, some guns shoot out water and help plants grow. The gun can be a beautiful thing if it acts responsibly and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Hopefully the weapons of certain necessary institutions like media, government, religion, and education will stop spraying out a mass level of bullshit and do what they are meant to do: to work in favor of the people who make this machine what it is, and to teach them to love one another and let nature do its thing, to let God do His thing.


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