People are friggin’ weird

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear humans,

Ya’ll are weird as hell I love it. You look like blobs with a head and limbs or something. If I wanted to make a person out of playdoh I’d just pinch the top, top left n top right, lower left n lower right.

And girls are even weirder because they’re just weird as hell in general. I can always end up being fucked up and judging people the moment i look at em. People are so awesome though. I mean, look around man! My whole world’s got people all over it, you know? This computer was made by a human being that was made by a human being. My shirt, my friends’ shirts, Dimetapp medicine, medicine in general is a people-ish thing. It’s great! The mail, people getting haircuts, people walking their dog, eating sandwiches talking on the phone, taking the bus, crying, etc.

People- there is something about them that drives me bananananananananas! I have learned that my anxiety is just sociologically implemented neurosis and anomie shared by most people and not just me. People aren’t looking into my eyes not because their brain is fucked up, but because of my shallow ass modern culture obsessed with buttons (almost obsolete now) and screens!

But its beautiful cuz I can be walking down any street and say ‘hi’ to anyone and guess the fuck what, motherfucker? They’ll say hi back no joke!

I mean you do get your confusing experiences when a chick wants your facebook thingy but you wanted to give her your number or weird shit like that or something. It’s all very strange shit how the rules are just one big stretchy hoolahoop.

Anyway, it can explode in your face though- your purpose in this world. I mean no one ever wants to get a career that has nothing to do with people, because the ‘career’ is pretty much something connected with the whole organic solidarity bullshit. we look downupon the escapiss or whatever. Not gamers or anything, but some random dude living in the jungles of scatscatchuwan or something. Cuz the gamer ate some cheetos and those cheetos he did not grow on his porch. He’s depending on a lot of shit that video gamer dude.

And so is that heroine junky passed out on the street. he needs water, or food, or drugs which pass through all this people-ish stuff and what not.

Anyway, people are so cool, you know? I’m grateful to be here at this great school studying this great subject. So I’m going to listen to what someone said about there’s no such thing as trying because it’s do or don’t do.

I’m going to climb up the tree and sit on the skinny branches as I say my hi’s ask my personals, compliment people, and all this other shit people like but I feel unacceptable. All good all good. I have to know no matter what my family will always love me no matter what career I choose, or whether I get my tattoo or not, or where I live or whether my wife is white or brown or any other color for that matter. Sometimes what we think the people we love want from us is what they want, but they just want us to be happy in the end I think.

I hope I’ll be a mentor one day, to a good kid or students. Cuz you KNOW my bitch ass is NOT having no kids.


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