I’m a mess

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

My strange and false thoughts/ feelings get the best of me and it’s fucked up how I don’t even know what I want. I mean people should at least know what they want and I’m in my early 20s which probably means I’m lost or confused or my favorite “Trying to find myself.” I know who I am. It’s just I get too scared when it comes to approaching people and even writing and just speaking of the fear only makes it stay alive. But it should be documented nevertheless. Going to class is a relief from a perfect world but a horrible thinking mind.

Someone just bought the book I sold just yesterday and I’m like fuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk too lazy to do the shipping process. But it’s best to do it now so next time it’ll be hella eaiser you get me?

Anyway, I love doing mindless bullshit errands, and I guess helping that person out. It keeps my mind in a whole other dimension, where it belongs I swear.


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