Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I don’t know if I’m qualified to say what life is all about or the human purpose in this world. I don’t think we were put here in this world to destroy it though.

Anyway, life can be strange because to me, life is a series of events that happens from the birth to death moments, respectively. And the time in between can be done to do a lot with this world, good or bad, or it can be done to do little or nothing. It’s not to say I despise people who do little or nothing. Because these people may have a lot of responsibilities like taking care of a lot of pets, or may be addicted to heroin or crack. So I shouldn’t judge people for what extent they’re contributing, because that’s a choice and that stuff needs to be respected, especially when it makes them happy and doesn’t bother a significant amount of people.

You see, I want to use my life as a tool or arena where I can get a lot of shit done for the sake of the world, which will go on once I die.

And this world has done so much to keep me alive. Food that grows on trees, my family that I love a lot, etc. The least I am can do is live my life to help support my family or continue to make them proud by graduating. Life is beautiful because you learn what really matters for you. And I think in spirit what we truly want manifests as something positive or helpful. Evil people don’t exist, they just come into being via manipulation or by choice. People are nice, I think the media or the law explains oh [people are crazy, on the news they show some story of some guy shooting his wife and kids, but they leave out that he was actually insane and the only way you would’ve known is if you looked his name up or something.

But people aren’t really mean, we just want to bond and unfortunately our culture says the only way to do so is to accept you’re some kind of loser and that you need to buy things to impress people or to look a way human beings don’t look so people appreciate you, which doesn’t make sense because I appreciate everyone at least on some level. You can’t ignore someone in real life like on commercials or something. Even when someone calls you and you don’t answer, at least you acknowledge their existence internally.

So life is strange because it’s easy to get caught up in all of this superficial rubbish, especially when I’ve been bathing in psychologically provoking ads non stop for 20 years or so. But going to school and having more media literacy has taught me what a beat down economic system we have and what lengths it must go to survive and support us, even if it means manipulating us to hate ourselves and buy things, or banks giving people money to buy shit when we don’t have it, which most of the time puts us into debt.

So I don’t blame people, unless they willingly do this to themselves to great extent. People who are aware and have strong feelings against the system who do are wrapped up in this bullshit need to wake up and it can be startling.

Okay so maybe I’m being mean here, but I just don’t want people to get screwed over for 20 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars of trying to find fulfillment in cars and fancy houses or 300 dollar shirts that have identical twins at the Goodwill for $6.29 or something.

Because you can do so much with 300 dollars. You can go to New York and meet people there and learn about their culture for a couple of nights or so. Or you can give some of that money to buy a homeless person a meal or two. You can buy groceries or make an arts and crafts project, something more productive than looking a certain way.

I’m not saying one’s appearance isn’t worth it, but to spend more money and time buying wigs or jeans or cars or electronics than you do on your food and great experiences is just shady and there are people barely trying to live man. At least do something productive with that money so it won’t go to waste, won;t go to the bourgeoisie.

All in all, my life will not just be for me, but for everyone I shall run into. I must be aware of whether or not my actions are selfless or selfish but not to an extreme. I think school has taught me that being productive is one of the greatest things you can do. Like me. I was kind of bored and decided to write this blog and maybe it changed the way you saw today or maybe it made you feel good about yourself or something.

Anyway I’m glad you read this if you did. And if you didn’t that’s okay too. I just write it so I can let things out and maybe be there for someone who just wants to read what other people have to say. Thank you.


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