!! I lost my journal!!

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

It feels like if a girl’s hair got cut off somewhat! Now what do I do?! I guess I have to start a new one, but poor journal! So many good insights! So many personal secrets, wishes and dreams! I can only hope someone who finds it reads it and figures out how to get a hold of me, you know? I went in the classroom where I thought I found it, but there was a discussion section going on, which was weird because the lady in the front was just sitting there, and she looked like a random Mayan lady or something.

So I figured maybe I left it here by these compouters, but nothing. It seems like the law of attraction is doing it’s thing- but not in the good type of way.

Anyway, no matter what obstacles are hurled at me, I find a solution. Although there were pricless items written that I could never recall, I at least know it’s got to be somewhere. And maybe the guy or girl who is reading it learns something, maybe it changes their whole life, who knows. I just wish I could find it so I can finish it at least.

I won;t worry about it though, it wasn’t my BEST work.

Now I’m just going to wait and uhm scan some pages out of my soc 102 book. Yep!


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