Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m trying to put all this nonsensical stuff and at least seperate it from reality, but it can be really frikkin hard.

So basically in this world chaos and order co-exist somehow. My functioning body lives in a convoluted world in which politics is not associated with logical thinking or benefiting human beings with good souls.

Okay, so I’m 20 and am very aware that I’m not mature. I get that human beings just want security or whatever. I just don’t get why all this stuff exists together if a lot of it contradicts each other.

I just don’t gt how it’s all about money. Okay, so me writing that probably makes you think I’m naive or something. But that’s not what I want to know or think of again.

Basically what’s the whole point? I’m in college and I don’t want to graduate. I just want to go back to community college and study physics or something and pay my old student loan debt with new financial aid money. Is that so much to ask for? I basically want to work part time, school it part time, and just pay off my debt that way.

Okay, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all that I have; I am a very blessed human being. I am going to a very good school, I have seen both of my parents, I have clean drinking water, and food, and shelter, and am healthy. Most of the peopole in the world do not have these things.

What I wanna do is basically, realising how lucky I really am, is to fight the New World Order if it should really take place. But besides that, to be honest, I’m down to just settle with a cool job and home and cool peoples. I’m not out here trying to accomplish my reign over the Earth or any shit like that. I basically want people to hangout, do some work to support each other. Pretty much stuff that’s going on now but with more equality and less oppression.

What the hell am I gonna do with a car, or a fucking dog, or blonde kids or something? Make straw hats, bitch? No. I just want to improve myself and be a producti8ve and friendly person. Is that so hard to ask for?

To the Power Elite who may come across this blog: We don’t to kill you unless you give us reason to. e don’t your money, we don’t care if you guys believe in Satan, all that is your shit and you’re going to keep being weird as shit. So what.

Just leave us the fuck alobe and give us back what we used to have. I get that the world used to be worse and we used to have slavery because of your parents but now we don’t, but that doesn’t mean we should just shut the fuck up like you want us to. You’re being greedier than ever. You actually gave people loans knowing they wouldn’t pay you back and then when they were in trouble you basically said fuck off and the whole system almost collapsed. And then you pretty much told Osama to become president and they’d scratch his back if he balied the banks out. So we printed out fake ass money through the federal resrve to save the banks or some shit like that.

But basically that screwed up this whole economy more or less and we all have to deal with it, especially a lot of middle class people that I have much love for even though they have more money than my family still. Who cares. I’m not trying to divide the proletariat into even more camps. One is enough/ all.

So basically the point of my life is to annoy the fuck out of the few that control everything. I’ll leech off of the government and just try to shift it in a better direction as opposed to blowing that shit up. Cuz blowing shit up isn’t in my repetoire, that’s your guys’s deal. Y’all are blowing shit up.

Anyway, I’m going to keep annoying the hell out of you. I’m a Latino person. I’m not white, which you probably hate, which is a problem on your part. I’m a good person and I know you think Satan created the universe, but you have to understand that makes no logical sense. I understand your religion and I know you think “our” God is the evil one, but again that makes no logical sense.

I have to go now, but idk it’s weird because life doesn’t make an fucking sense, and maybe that’s the point. I just need to get this shit out there to put it into perspective. Or something.


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