Why I personally don’t like groups

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think a big reason why I tend to avoid larger groups is because generally speaking, things get distributed unequally a lot of the time, especially talk.

and whena lot of people are ganging up on you, whatever they are saying sounds extra true because you don’t have the numbers on your side.

I also don’t like being in large groups when the people in them are referring to a person in a negative way begind their back. It’s one thing when you think bad aboutg someone, but comnversing about it makes it seem true or legitamate. And althoughj it creates bonds, it happens at someone else’s expense.

As a egotistic human being, I can’t really remember being mean, but I know I have. I don’t know though; I don’t do it often I assume. Race jokes are the worse. I think racism is the worst in America because there are so many races and nationalities here that with all of those come all these stereotypes or jokes. a lot of people say they are kidding and they aren;t racist because of a joke, but to make fun aof a group of people over and over again puts them that much closer to the spectrum.

I don’t know. I’m learning not to be that way. I know throughout my adulthood I grow very resentful towards wealthy white people because I feel they achieved their money through inheritance or exploitation, even though that isn’t always the case. So I have to learn from that, but it can be really hard when you know people like Bush doing what they did doesn’t actually make my notions delete. You know what? I don’t think the race caused teh action. Maybe it did, and a lot of people argue that. Maybe certain people do believe they have the

“white man’s burden” but those people can suck my dick. Mayans nor the Egyptians needed white people to develop their writing or mathematic systems or settlements.

Anyway, lately I feel very aware of my ego and it really sucks because I constantly question myself. I’ll be cool. I think…


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