Monday by Jon Brion

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am 20 years old and I live in Los Angeles. I go to UCLA and am studying Sociology.

I write these things because I feel they play a part in how I see society/ the world. I have a facebook and in facebook the point is to see everyone else’s business or something. I see people partying with their friends on this website. You don’t even have to look in their pictures because it shows them whenever they put it in their alnums. People take a lot of pictures. Anywayz, I see people with their friends having fun, drinking, dancing, holding on to streetlights, and I think about how my life is really different.

I think about how I don’t go to parties because there’s no point to them. I never know anyone there. And when people I know go to one, I don’t end up going. What are parties anyway? I think if I go on to research this whole beauty topic, parties would be a good route to take when it comes to observing things.

I can already imagine where three girls are sitting talking to each other and a guy shows up and takes the prettiest one away and the other ones feel ugly. And I would know at least one guy like me would be at a party like this, and he wouldn’t know what to do their either. Maybe he’s feel pressured to make a friend, or to show off while dancing because there’s no other way to get people’s attention.

Anyway, it may sound like this whole blog is a self-deprecating this, but it’s really not. I’m just being real and letting you know being a 20 year old in college doesn’t mean you fit a certain personality or do certain activities.

The thing about life as me is that it’s hard to be a good person when people are trying to get in my head to say black people are like this, white people are responsible for this, Asians are good at this and bad at that. My heart doesn’t want to think like this. It gets uncomfortable living in this kind of environment.

But a lot of people feel the same way and they adapt just fine. I don’t know of I’m one of those lost sheep a lot of Christian people talk about, because even Christians live in an evil world; and it seems there is no way to feel relieved unless Jesus comes back.

What do I do in the mean time? I don’t want to do good things just so I can be safe; that wouldn’t be genuine. I just want tp be happy until it is time to go. And if I can’t make ity, then I can stay here. I’d want to look after whatever’s left.

If people were to be evacuated to Mars, I’d probably stay here. Earth has been through too much. Who knows. Why am I talking about this again?

Anyway, I don’t have goals anymore. Everyday is just a 24 hour thingy and when they run out I’ll be underground or something.

Sounds depressing when I think about it that way. Oh well. I have fun too.


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