My take on the Book of Revelation/ Last Days

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dear reader,

I’m not sure what my religion is, because I don’t practice anything really.
I believe in God, because he has given me everything and I know it, and He knows I know it. You may not believe in the Lord. But as for me, having known how much he loves everything, how could I shun Him down like that after all He’s done for me?

Anyway, if you read this and do not believe what I believe, then that’s the normal thing. Different people believe in different things. Even people ho believe in God believe in Him in different ways. Some people who believe in Christ will argue, which doesn’t even make sense. The point is, God loves all of us. And it only makes sense to love each other no matter what, whether you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Amun-Re, Shiva, etc.

What difference does it make who you believe in? God is the only original one. You may have a different name, gender, whatever like the one I do, but the point is that God made everything you see here. God is trying to tell us something with our existence. I believes He believes in us because we believe in Him, and we should believe in Him because he has put us here at this place and at this time. Not to fight or dominate each other. But so we can one day stop and collectively think about what our goals are as a civilization.

We may be distracted and angry at the world. Some of us may blame God for our conditions, or blame Satan, or anyone. But we have to know that there is no loser because there is no winner. There is no game. There is no one stopping our progress but ourselves. We have a limited amount of time on this planet I believe, and we have the control (unfortunately) to cut that time in half or more.

So what are we going to do? How can we make the world as better place? With warfare? With perpetual justification of our faults without admitting them and trying to change them? I’m not sure what the solution is, I just know there is a problem, and that before we do anything we have to come to a consensus on what it is or destroy ourselves in the process or trying to in illegitimate ways.

So when it all comes to pass, if and when it comes into fruition, how will we know, what will we do? What SHOULD we do?

I believe in my heart, that God has best judgement, that He who is Highest knows and will never fall. I believe the natural is a different story. I believe that His plan is His and no one else’s. That we will know when we should know. Maybe it will be too late, and maybe we will all face death and a Final Judgement.

Whatever the case, we as average human beings must accept our fate, stay in our position as fallen beings, and try to overcome any instance of hatred, deceit, or negativity that will greatly harm one another. There is a balance and many will argue that all of this balance and chaos is normal, that these devastating wars are okay. But what if they aren’t? What if our own “balancing mechanisms” are the very things that will destroy us?

So who are we fighting for? In the name of Yahweh, God, Allah? Aren’t these the same Beings here? Does He not distribute His love for us equally? Then why don’t we? We show our love to Him with prayer but then murder each other, American Christians vs radical Muslims versus Palestinians. And for what? We belong to God, but we are fallen. And we mustn’t use the hands God gave us to bolster the cannons of a fallen angel who we are really honoring when we rape, when we kill, when we torture, when we feel pride burning on our bellies, fervorously.

We are honoring the betrayal of God, and we must all pray to our Creator, to God for love and acceptance where we need it. We must submit to forces out of our control, and give God the highest domain. Some people may not believe in God, as I noted before, but these people believe in a better life, with sincerety and great effort. It is these people who see the pain in believing, the faults of my religion, that we must fight and contradict our own beliefs to fulfill and affirm them. But the world will be better.

Matthew 7:15

“Beware of the false teachers–men who come to you in sheep’s fleeces, but beneath that disguise they are ravenous wolves.”

So I remind you to put God at the highest point and submit your will to Him, for He knows what is best, He loves you. That in honoring the deepest part of your heart is honoring His word and no one else’s.

Thank you


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