Video Game Theory

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

i don;t know I’m using this name to call my idea of why this is so fucked up, and or what to blame for it.

Well I start out by saying that it’s what we can’t see that gets manifested as horrible shit. There is nothing wrong with the physical earth- that shit works in balance and has been around for billions of years- a long ass time.

Anyway, I have this idea of an enemy is an internal one. the idea that an outside enemy exists is still valid, I think though. But I still think a lot of shit that happens because we are in constant warfare internally with ourselves. Have you ever played a game like Street Fighter, or Mortal Combat? I think it’s kind of like that. I’m not familiar with Freud and the ego and the id, but there is a vengeful monster in everyone’s mind (well just mine but I’m trying to expand here).

And almost every decision we make is a battle. A lot of theorists come up with a version like this, but that’s more or less their view on it, which is better than mine. Anyway, I’ll just try to explain it in my random self with no data or brainy shit.

Well I think we really do internalize this generalized other and it can become a saint or a demon in that it can give us the notion of how we are acting. Like I say time and time again, if it weren;t for a mirrorish surface how the fuck you know what you look like. You need that external thing as a reference to show you your objective image. The me I really am is a little golden ticket that I’m not allowed to show anyone in fear they will attack it.

And we fight, we fuckin fight and sometimes we win sometimes we lose. Sometimes we’re caught up in a winning streak and some weird bullshit happens, the power goes out, or you have to open the door for someone and when you get back in the game you’ve lost your touch.

I’m tellin you, everything you see has it’s opposite, which is everything else, and we’ll all fighting all the time. Well this is sounding more like a random dude thingy, but Idk i need time to tweak this idea.

Listen to the song “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner. The you is the me and the ‘me’ is the I. You see this concept of what other people think of us is merely a guess. It’s our opinion of how we see ourselves vieled in secrecy as the me. It’s all one big mind game motherfuckers. The meaning of life is to defeat your enemy- the one that can’t be seen. It’s in all these religions, all these movies, all of our medical problems, social problems, everything. It’s one thing that isn’t another thing trying to collect that entity and keep it underneath them, obedient and merciless to them. And the only thing worth submitting to is what made us, and the only thing worth making submit is Satan, which made us what we are.

Satan is whatever you want it to be and because this part is constantly changing, our struggle, whether individual or collective is always changing, then no problem is confronted; it’s always changing.

I’m telling you. There’s this book in the Bible, the Book of Revelation that talks about this epic battle in the end man. And it’s a showdown to the likes which we’ve never been seen before. All these oppositions will collide and we will see who wins: good or evil. But more importantly we will see our enemy, we will feel the wrath, the pain, the collision. No longer will what we hate dissappear and re-appear. During this time there is no negotiation, no mercy. It’s like every year there’s a superbowl, there is new teams, new players, new places to battle. But this moment we replay everything with everyone at every place at every time in history.

Nothing like it. And surely the greatest will win. I’m hoping I can beat myself to the punch when I meet this monster.

Either the I or the Me will say

“Game over motherfucker”


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