An Intimate Relationship- Been in , I’ve never.

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

So there’s this podcast about intimate relationships. I’ve never been in one. I don’t know how. I think I’m not the only one though. A lot of people I know have; it always seems that some of them have never been in my position; some people I know are always in one, sometimes with the same person, sometimes with a different one.

It’s funny though because at least I can say I’ve never cheated on anyone, broken their heart, or even been a good partner. I always think that God is waiting to find a good person for me, or that maybe I’m not worthy of serving a human being and connecting to one in this way, which is kind of sad for me. , especially when it comes to writing it.

Who would like me? I’m not very attractive in the hegemonic sense ( at least that’s how I see myself). And why would I want to be in one; what’s the point of it? You see, I want to take this class so I could go to this guy’s office hours and hopefully he can determine whether or not I have a problem or something…

I dunno, i=I’m at the age where it’s abnormal to have never been in one. To be honest, I could have possibly come close to it. Maybe it’s me. Maybe girls in the past have liked me, but I assumed they didn’t. Maybe there’s a term or a pathology/ medicne for what I have.

Anyway, I’m debating whether to enroll in this class or to just listen to the podcasts. I think I should enroll in it, but it’s just that it’s on fridays and I need my 3 day weekend shiiiet


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