Posted: February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

My goodness. I was googling masturbation and came across this website where people share their weird stories. I’ve decided to quote them:

TV game

When you are bored and you have just masturbated thinking about every celebrity, every porn star, and there’s nobody left, I personally recommend this game. Turn on the TV, then look at your clock (example: 11:32). This time as an example it says 11. Get your TV controller and start changing the channel up or down 11 times. Then you gotta find some way to masturbate thinking only about the people you are watching at that moment. If you saw a great girl in a commercial but the commercial is over…DON’T THINK ANYMORE ABOUT HER, only the people that appear on the TV at that moment. Even if is one of those famous Pokemon. ”

I’m not gayTry these tips: 1) Lube up real good with shaving cream. 2) Use one hand to stroke your dick and one to play with your balls. 3) Even though you are not gay, try sticking some fingers up your ass. 4) Watch yourself wanking in a mirror. 5) Talk about wanking with other guys and get them to jack you off (but it doesn’t mean you are gay). 6) Cum into your mouth and keep it there for 10 seconds and spit it onto your cock and start wanking again. ”


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