Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

EVERY nook and cranny, everything being connected and entered into the market place. Everything I see was for profit. The list will not be written with bullets because it will take up too much space, just like money has.

From the clothes on your back, to the machine that you wash it in- profit and exploitation. Your books, your food, your toilet seat covers, they belong to a company, but we forget to see the people who made these things. It was made in China by a so and so company; never will they tell you who made this, or what that person’s life was like, their age, and their consent and opinion of their treatment.

Take a look at a room that you my be in at your home. You see a bag, who made it, and was it for your benefit, the workers, or for the companies? What about the bottled water, or the magazine, or the clothes, or the air freshener, or the carpet, the ceiling, the computer in which you are reading this from?

What would the world be without clothes, computers, magazines, fast food, sneakers, stereos, cell phones? It hurts me to question if our innovations and our hobbies were some guy’s ideas for how to make more money faster and cheaper. No emotions, just small input large output. Now what. Where does the money go? Is it for the public that made it and purchased it, or the company that manages it and owns the machines/ labor, the means of production- these people are the bourgeoisie.

Many times problems are fabrications; they do not exist until we create them, but we don’t fee we create them but that we are victims of our ape like ancestors. Should we blame them for sexism, racism, inequality, selfishness? If we are blaming them, then why do we rarely say it was their fault for friendships, family, dispute resolutions? Why are we quick to blame and slow to admit, or slow to deny and quick to pride ourselves?

And to what extent are WE creating disasters? Apes minds aren’t as developed as ours, yet we find ways to perpetuate and worsen the human condition and strange wealth type relationships. Money is a people thing, isn’t it?

So now what do we do? Many tend to explain they cannot solve certain problems; that it is out of our control. But didn’t we construct this human reality? Are these forces self- created? If it weren’t for us, would there be an abstract notion in the universe as to what is a person, family, community or world?

If we can build a home, do we build it from the inside, and forget to make doors for exit, or are we too occupied building doors that lead to new and exciting and potentially dangerous rooms? I argue that we’ve left an exit when we built an entrance, that we built this home from the outside because we couldn’t have been in any of it. But did we surround ourselves in the walls as we built it? If we see this building or fortress painted on the exterior, then there sure as hell better be an exit. That’s why I’m studying this terrible shit called Society that reeks of inequality and lacks solutions actually possible.

I seem pessimistic in this essay. I am writing on a website owned by a company and that profits from people expressing themselves, as do my journals. They appeal to us by making things free, and sell space on our pages to companies with strategies of their own. But I feel if we are going through bad things, then we can go through good things too. Time works in Circles (Djet) and linearly (Neheh) and together they form a spiral that a lot of people call history. But some people argue that it has to be going in circles because we don’t seem to learn from our mistakes. And the good things that have changed will probably go back to be terrible again. (Perhaps wages will become lower and lower and lower that subtly we will feel we are wage workers working to pay off our debt like indentured servants, and from there we will give up together and just eat for food.

Changing your thought patterns are just the beginning. Changing your reality and through action, is the way to go. I would like to think making the decision in majoring in Sociology was the first step to take. The second is going even further, until the windows and doors are there, underneath the wall paper suffocating all of us, and not letting the sun shine through. Lord, please let there be light once again. And love for everyone.


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