Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

So it’s weird cuz I have no idea what the kell to research should I go into grad school. I LOVE Gender and Body junk, but I am also interested in Political as well as Military Sociology, or at least wanna be.

I like Economic Sociology cuz I think you’re bound to run into money in all of this shit. It’s true. Sometimes I just think it’s ALL about money. Follow the money!

Anyway, I like the idea of researching why certain women get plastic surgery, but is that more of a how question. To be honest I like the whole beauty, because being attracted to something is a type of human manipulation, you kind of lose yourself or submit certain parts of your brain and shit to it, which I think is political in some way or another.

Idk I really like the idea of power, but it gets all complicated with history and all these ideas. It should be interesting though.

I like people a lot. I’d be down to major in Psychology and Minor in Anthropology as well as Political Science.

It’s crazy though; ALL of that junk seeps into Sociology a little bit, so I just settle for Soc. I like people A LOT. They are interesting, and you just can’t hhelp but wonder.

I think we are getting close to understanding all that we can, but we are getting too caught upo in knowing what we shouldn’t. Mainly cuz of money.

I think we’re good though.

I like conflicts. That’s how history is made, how the Earth planet came to be, by str8 up collisions. Good is what evil isn’t, evil is what good isn’t, and we are involved in these dialectical relationships that make us who we are or aren’t.

I love certain people in this world a lot. People that just know. Somtimes people just DON’T know, and I guess I can be one of them according to a certain group.

It’s complex man. Imagine how complex just one individual mind is, and imagine a WHOLE society, which is the collection and organization of all of em?? Crazy shitt…

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