Tight little Tightle Title… Turtle

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Cocobelle” by Moonbabies

I find myself not being able to write about much. Life is going okay, and I pray to God that this joy will continue, and that those who seek and need help find it; and for me to be there.

I also find myself refreshing my email page every 30 seconds, as well as my Facebook, and hell, even my school email account that is rarely written to.

It’s weird. I don’t know what I want, and I’m home listening to my niece tell me she burps, and then sometimes throw up comes out and then she eats it.

You know how I discover artists now? I go on this one website and throw a random word in the search box and have at it. I searched this band called “Moonbabies” and their songs are pretty cool.

Life is a strange strange world, and I swear some things about it are trippy as heck, without or without hallucinogens. I mean there are animals with weird shells that move slow as hell and make the weirdest faces at you. Some of them can live to be older than human beings.

And there are animals with long ass necks and legs. There is also this hard white stuff at the tips of the world- ice caps. They are cold as hell. How trippy is that stuff.

You think that stuff is weird. Let me tell ya about HUMAN BEINGZ. They make all kinds of noises to each other, and like these things called RESOURCES and POWER. They wear this plantish fabric on their bodies sometimes to keep warm sometimes to look cool/ for cultural capital.

Life/ Planet Earth is a strange places that is like 4 and a half billion years old, almost as old as Charlie Sheen. Winning!

I have all kinds of issues and psychological weirdnesses, along with all kinds of financial problems and rational and irrational fears. Pretty much what most people have.

It doesn’t take a psychic to tell someone they have money issues. Don’t we all.

I love this place though. The only thing that irks me is this technology. I don’t want to see those spacey looking worlds like in the movies where people wear unitards and enter strange transparent portals or something. Or those hover buildings. It’s weird because the music sounds more and more futurey too. I just don’t feel safe around it sometimes. Seeing people act all roboticish.

It’ll be good though. Hopefully Max Weber was just joshing.

Hey you know what? I think that one WeTube Video was cool, cuz it said that maybe we are Mars before it died or Venus before it develops.

I am kind of repeating things over and over again if you think about it. Chances are you probably have read a blog before, or logged into the internet, or turned on the computer, or sat on a chair or closed and open your eyes and so on.

Life is a boring routine if you wear these types of lenses. Hey, I’m taking my Marxist Theory and history class and it’s great.

I told my niece who is 5 to leave me alone and now I feel guilt and fear of bad karma, which is strange because I don’t know if I believe in it. Good stuff and bad stuff happens all the time, regardless of what started what or what leads to what. I don’t know. Some people believe in that stuff. I guess I don’t know what it means.

To be really honest, there’s some sh*t in the Bible that I have NO CLUE about, and they ecxpect you to believe all of it and not question of it. And it says at the end to not add or take anything away, but the Church took away the damn Gospels of Thomas, Mary, and Judas or something. What the hell is that?

Anyway, it can be confusing. This whole time I thought Jesus wasn’t God, and now apparently Jesus is God. What the heck. I want to believe, expect I’m not even sure what’s being told sometimes. I wanna know though; hopefully I will.

Going to eat chicken tacos that my beautiful yet worrisome mother made.

Take Care!

PS. Sometimes I still wish my dreams won’t come true. Then I won’t feel guilt and will have a justified sense of self-pity when I’m about to die knowing I never got what I wanted, cuz I never knew what that meant, or that it was dirty

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