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Hey there,

I’m acting all crazy in the brain it doesn’t feel that great. So I am trying to decide whether to stay in Soc 130, or to just drop it, and what the hell to do with life in general.

I talked to Prof. Rossman about grad school some more, and I am starting to realize there is no chance in hell I am going to take more and more classes just to get into grad school, when I can get in without all that EXTRA work, and when grad school should just be some kind of 2nd option or side option.

Goals are weird because one little thing can just shift everything in a different cerebral structure. I mean I’m rethinking the whole school year that’s coming up. I only need fall quarter to graduate, even though I REALLY wanna take more classes, and can (financial aid will pretty much cover it). So now what? See; I’m not living enough in the moment. The only reason I did not want to stay in Terri’s classes was that Second Life didn’t work on my computer, and I didn’t want to do the readings (I actually went to her office a while ago and admitted to not doing the readings, and not wanting to do them, which was the stupidest thing ever, but still.

I can always pay 70 bucks for computer protection and run second life, and actually do the reading though… but still. I don’t feel like it, in reality. She works so hard though to organize everything. But it’s so much stuff still. I feel so selfish, and I feel so GENERATION-ME-ISH.

I need to slap some sense into myself for sure. Maybe this IS possible, you know?


I am one sorry bastard

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I could go on aboot it, but the title speaks for itself.