Wishing Well (Story/ Freewrite)

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Once upon a time there was a meadow out in the middle of nowhere. No, it wasn’t sunny and beautiful here. It was often rainy, and murky. There were angry loking frogs and mud puddles laying around. No one really lived there, or even bothered to visit there. Some people, very few people went. NOt as a group, or a club, but alone. Very rarely you owuld go there and someone else would be there. There was no reason TO be there, except that there was an old wishing well behind a square of tall, neck-high grass. It was behind all of that grass.

Like I said, not many people went there, and if they did it wasn’t a very big deal. Back then kids used to hang around there, roughhouse and get into all kinds of trouble like kids usually do, but eventually these kids grew up and the newer kids preferred to stay out of this kind of trouble. Anyhow, there was this wishing well, and it wasn’t a big deal anymore.

I’ve never personally been to the wishing well myself, but I HAVE heard plenty of stories. How do I know these stories? I’m not sure I can explain it in text. It turns out a lot of people who wish are different than one another and want different things. One guy I heard, his name was David. He had a dream of writing for Televsion, and worst case scenario at least be a director. His job wasn’t really related to the field, although he did say he pitched ideas with a team he had to get things going. When you hear people’s wishes, I don’t know it’s like you REALLY listen, you REALLY hear every word they’re saying, and clearly too.

This is getting kind of dry, but I wanted to tell you about this wishing well because I lied to you, I did visit the wishing well and it was very exciting because I saw things STRANGE things. I saw a girl my age wearing all black and heavy make up, and she was wearing somewhat goth clothing and she was crying that weird make up gunk she had on. She didn’t notice me and I could tell she didn’t want to, nor did she want anyone to notice her. And so I stepped back. Then she left. There was a mat she left just laying there, where she was kneeling lik ethe football players do after they finish scoring a goal. And I just sat on it like I did when I was a kid listening to stories in class on that rug that looked kind of like a gameboard that we never really used as anything but an ordinary sitting rug. Then I decided to go look inside the well, well because it was there after all, and it was real. There was a staircase there like eight feet down and I figured somoene could go into it and maybe no one really tried to or even bothered to look inside. LIke I said it wasn’t a big deal. Just a place you went to throw sticks and rocks into as a kid, or dimes and pennies as a bored or tired grown up.

And so I went down the stairs. Have you ever seen the Goonies? It was just like the wishing well in teh Goonies, but it was more attic like. Sorry, I am trying to describe wishing wells but I have only really been in one. Anyhow, there was random waterfalls. Where all this water came from I have no idea. It smelled like it does when it rains and if you ever smelled and or licked rusty pennies. If you were quiet enough you could hear a great smooth whirling sound. It sounded pretty, like loud kittens in a shower or something. That meant someone was listening to a wish, and really thinking about it, you know? Anyway, I got to see hear people’s dreams eventually after visiting the well, because well I had stayed there for so long. You know like if you spend the whole day at an amusement park and go on a jillion roller coasters it still feels like you’re on one, or when you swim backtroke at a pool the whole day u feel like it at night in bed. Well it was kind of liek that, except you got to know people’d dreams, however bizarre they were. One lady wished she would stop being allergic to ice cream. Like, this lady was REALLy into not being allergic to ice cream. It was crazy. I got tired of it after a while, and it started to get in the way of school. I would just be not listening to teh teacher as usual and doing weird doodles and it got to a point where I would just see wishes on my yellow divider paper, like little pen animations. People being famous, or loved by many, mostly that stuff. People wishing to see people that aren’t in their life for whatever reason, general happiness.

That month was the month I got into this one person’s wish. They were probably visiting the well twice or even two times a week, wishing for the same thing, and maybe adding a thing here or there at the end. It was bizzare because I felt it at the same exact day and time one week, the next week it would be random. It was weird.

Like I said it became a big deal. You know, I REALLY REALLY wanted this person’s wish to come true. And so the whole Fall I decide I was going to make their wish come true. I did real bad in school, even in math class which I was good at. I would just eat cheesy puffs, the white kind, and look at doodles, and make an outline of how to make their dream come true. Nevermind the fact that I didn’t know who or where this person was! There wish was coming true. And let me tell you IT WASN’T EASY. NOw it wasn’t something like bringing back someone from the dead, or making this person fly, fly away. I just had to help them find someone, someone far far away, people that had never met in real life, or even on the internet for that matter. Yes none of this happened in the 80s or 40s, it was not too long ago actually. I had to essentially produce a coincidence. Looking back I have no idea how it happened. Apparent-app-ap-apparently there was this person that traveled into another c-c-c-coun-country and rode a train and started talking to this other person about how long the train was taking and how cold it was, and asking all kinds of introductory questions. To be honest it got really boring in the beginning, but they eventually had a long train ride (like over a day and talked a lot).

And so I had to make these people meet again, somehow.

I know it seems like this is where the story starts, but it really isn’t. I honestly don’t know how I made their wish come true, I just kept wishing too, and eventually I learned the other person wished the same thing. It’s weird because at first I thought the same as the first person, that the other person must have forgotten and that they remembered all too well. It wans’t like that though. They both wish they’d see each other again, and I really got to feel that. So we all wished, wherever we did. I wished everyday, multiple times a day. He went to the well ( I guess) and she must have wished somewhere special.

My mom says when two or more people pray for something to happen it comes true. I always pray with her and other people that want something because I want them to be happy and okay. As for me, I stopped dreaming of things, wishing. One time I went to the beach, and this is true by the way. I was about to wish for something, but I realized that there was no point. I went to the pier, not the crowded one you see in movies but a pier nevertheless. I had a token to an arcade and was going to use it as a means to find happiness like all these other people did, but eventually I just threw it in out of anger, or frustration, like how you would skip a rock.

Not sure what the lesson I learned was. I keep my wishes in a different world than this one. I have resorted to imagining good things happening in a world different than this one. A world where good things always happen and you don’t have to wish for anything, where everyone listens to you, loves you, and could read your mind. It makes this one hell, but it’s something to hold onto at night. Like a teddy bear when you were a kid. Something to make you feel like you had what you could never have and still feel the same.


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