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Thirsty Thursdays

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Today is Thirsty Thursdays. Allow me to explain! Back when I was in college, Thursday was a day of drinking and possibly unprotected and anonymous sex for a lot of students in fraternities/ sororities and the like. They called these Thirsty Thursdays.

Well, I have decided to steal this phrase known as “Thirsty Thursdays” and apply it to my work. No, people don’t have sex and drink alcohol everywhere I go, I just want to use it because it’s the day where I only have one person to help and can often be completely alone at work trying to help a line of thirsty ass people.


On Thirsty Thursdays people tell you how they feel about your store. Today this lady told me in an impolite way that out bathroom was filthy filthy filthy. I went inside and the only thing dirty about it was a paper towel on the floor and scuff marks. I would like to do more at work, but I swear our manager was supposed to hire people before he went on vacation but didn’t. I’m not sure why. Thursdays are tough because Denise has to do a big order for the weekend and has to go to the bank as well, and my other co-workers leave around 1pm. I work from morning till afternoon that day which I swear feels like 24 hours.


Anyway, people are hella thirsy on Thursdays. For sex and booze over there at UCLA, but over here for UHHH WHAT KINDA FRAPPUCCINO DO I WANT; and TALL DARK ROAST PLEASE? day in and day out. We don’t even have dark roast afternoon so I have to make a new cup for every different person which holds up the line. So goes Thirsty Thursdays.


I used to work Friday mornings. On Fridays five, yes FIVE people work together and so that really helps.


Other than that, I am doing okay; getting along much more with Rahel my shift supervisor; I promised her I will go to her home country one day (Mars lol) just kidding. She is from Ethiopia.


Anyhow, my manager is weird with our schedule. This week he scheduled Reneisha to work 7 days a week which we had to change because that’s breaking the law, and Joe who only works mornings has to work 42 hours this week! WTF? And so I think my boss is hiring people when he comes back; we are all salty because of this by the way LOL.


I am better at channeling my frustration of said Thirsty Thursdays into something more positive. I miss school so badly though… perhaps I will move to Ethiopia one day. But for now, I will enjoy my Friday off tomorrow.


Enjoy your Spring Break kids!






I Hate My Job

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It sucks ass. On paper it’s like whatever, but the thing is they’re always fiddling and tweaking the schedule because some random person’s other job conflicts. Well MOTHERFUCKER don’t work at one of those places! Give up one of your jobs to someone that needs it; jeez!

I could go on. There’s my shift supervisor Rahel. I don’t know what it is she’s an angel to everyone in the universe except for me. She’s an evil women, and she’s a nursing student. It’s weird, I know. I work for crazy people. she’s always telling me what to do like I have no idea what to do. And when I don’t know what to do, I can’t ask her because she snaps at me all the time. She’s from Ethiopia which is where I thought everyone was courteous. Not her. Maybe they kicked her out because she was such a wench.


Anyway, I don’t want to work there anymore. You have to understand, I only took the job because I’d never had a job there before, and it was the ONLY place that had called back… out of like a TON of places. I had no experience anywhere, nor did I have a resume, so when I applied I said fuck it I’m available 12am-1159pm every day of the week. That’s why they hired me. The other two they hired cuz their parents knew the manager. I want to work part time, but the manager will yell at me if I say what I feel- I THINK.


Let’s see… the scheduling is the worse part though, because when you basically are available 24/7 you never know what’s gonna happen, but the idea is you’ll agree to it because you agreed to work whenever. And apparently you are going to be covering people’s shifts 2-3x per week. It’s all bullshit! They make the underpaid people work the most. I don’t like it there. I want to work near my house, and close Mondays through Wednesdays (they close at 8 30) We close at 10pm and it’s all the way on Olympic and Westwood, which is hella far.


I am going to talk to some managers this coming week so I can tramsfer out of this mess.


See ya later.



Writerz Blockk

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It happens. I need to write more consistenly, but like I said I don’t know if certain people are reading so I am very prudent and yes this kind of caution may influence what and how I write.


Yesterday I wanted to just straight up run away from work and never show up again. My ankles and knees feel very strange at different parts of the day and I don’t know if I can deal with things or how to deal with things anymore. I believe I am strong enough but I have been using food to cope with a lot of things and haven’t been talking much to people about my personal issues.


I kind of miss being in a room where everyone there wanted to be there and that was why they were all there, the classroom. I didn’t feel much pressure there and felt I could be a genuine person and safe and void of too much mistake-making. When you’r ein school they speak of the real world, but it isn’t so real because it’s very much a series of transactions and attempts to get other people to like you and I don’t know if it’s worth it. I like classrooms because it feels you are closed off and it all feels special.


There are trade-offs though. Like before I had this job I felt very low all the time and ashamed, now I am not as low and not as ashamed. And I get free tea in bulk everyweek. I don’t drink tea that often but who knows what you may need it for. My boss actually has this whole week off; spent this weekend with his mom and dat at Disneyland. About time he was always so exhausted.


Life is strange because I let a lot of people go for no reason, but mostly because it was I who felt they did not want me in their lives, but really they were just quiet and I thought that meant they really didn’t want me around. So I just stopped talking to them. You have a phone, it has a list of names. I see my phone and these names are symbolic of my own shortcomings, the people who I could talk to but who are better off without me or too busy to listen and talk.

But I want to move forward; I just don’t know how or to go to; maybe my brother can help. I was thinking about writing to Kelly who may read these posts but I don’t know if it’s worth it. I am not writing to her on purpose because what’s the point if you send something and you don’t hear back. What if you kept talking to someone for weeks, months, years, etc. and they never replied to you, like in terms of speaking? at some point you give up. I gave up. I want to go back, but I don’t want things to happen all over again, even though that may not be the case.


I am afraid of many things. I forget what else there was to be written. Just a lot of people I could be talking to but they just feel so better than me. yes I graduated from UCLA and yes I have steered away from drugs and the wrong crowd, but you must understand that does not mean much because the mindset is a breeding ground for the influence of a given lifestyle.

Where are you?

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I need to talk, need to listen.


Someone email me, call me at 323 799 5824, Anyone out there?

To Do List

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1-Get haircut

8-Check Mail

3-Pick up check from work

5- Get new debit card

6-Deposit Tax Refund

4-Deposit Check

7- Buy new Black T shirt

2-Buy Sharpies for SBX I covered shift at yesterday.

9-Go to Bullpen