I Hate My Job

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

It sucks ass. On paper it’s like whatever, but the thing is they’re always fiddling and tweaking the schedule because some random person’s other job conflicts. Well MOTHERFUCKER don’t work at one of those places! Give up one of your jobs to someone that needs it; jeez!

I could go on. There’s my shift supervisor Rahel. I don’t know what it is she’s an angel to everyone in the universe except for me. She’s an evil women, and she’s a nursing student. It’s weird, I know. I work for crazy people. she’s always telling me what to do like I have no idea what to do. And when I don’t know what to do, I can’t ask her because she snaps at me all the time. She’s from Ethiopia which is where I thought everyone was courteous. Not her. Maybe they kicked her out because she was such a wench.


Anyway, I don’t want to work there anymore. You have to understand, I only took the job because I’d never had a job there before, and it was the ONLY place that had called back… out of like a TON of places. I had no experience anywhere, nor did I have a resume, so when I applied I said fuck it I’m available 12am-1159pm every day of the week. That’s why they hired me. The other two they hired cuz their parents knew the manager. I want to work part time, but the manager will yell at me if I say what I feel- I THINK.


Let’s see… the scheduling is the worse part though, because when you basically are available 24/7 you never know what’s gonna happen, but the idea is you’ll agree to it because you agreed to work whenever. And apparently you are going to be covering people’s shifts 2-3x per week. It’s all bullshit! They make the underpaid people work the most. I don’t like it there. I want to work near my house, and close Mondays through Wednesdays (they close at 8 30) We close at 10pm and it’s all the way on Olympic and Westwood, which is hella far.


I am going to talk to some managers this coming week so I can tramsfer out of this mess.


See ya later.



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