Thirsty Thursdays

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Uncategorized



Today is Thirsty Thursdays. Allow me to explain! Back when I was in college, Thursday was a day of drinking and possibly unprotected and anonymous sex for a lot of students in fraternities/ sororities and the like. They called these Thirsty Thursdays.

Well, I have decided to steal this phrase known as “Thirsty Thursdays” and apply it to my work. No, people don’t have sex and drink alcohol everywhere I go, I just want to use it because it’s the day where I only have one person to help and can often be completely alone at work trying to help a line of thirsty ass people.


On Thirsty Thursdays people tell you how they feel about your store. Today this lady told me in an impolite way that out bathroom was filthy filthy filthy. I went inside and the only thing dirty about it was a paper towel on the floor and scuff marks. I would like to do more at work, but I swear our manager was supposed to hire people before he went on vacation but didn’t. I’m not sure why. Thursdays are tough because Denise has to do a big order for the weekend and has to go to the bank as well, and my other co-workers leave around 1pm. I work from morning till afternoon that day which I swear feels like 24 hours.


Anyway, people are hella thirsy on Thursdays. For sex and booze over there at UCLA, but over here for UHHH WHAT KINDA FRAPPUCCINO DO I WANT; and TALL DARK ROAST PLEASE? day in and day out. We don’t even have dark roast afternoon so I have to make a new cup for every different person which holds up the line. So goes Thirsty Thursdays.


I used to work Friday mornings. On Fridays five, yes FIVE people work together and so that really helps.


Other than that, I am doing okay; getting along much more with Rahel my shift supervisor; I promised her I will go to her home country one day (Mars lol) just kidding. She is from Ethiopia.


Anyhow, my manager is weird with our schedule. This week he scheduled Reneisha to work 7 days a week which we had to change because that’s breaking the law, and Joe who only works mornings has to work 42 hours this week! WTF? And so I think my boss is hiring people when he comes back; we are all salty because of this by the way LOL.


I am better at channeling my frustration of said Thirsty Thursdays into something more positive. I miss school so badly though… perhaps I will move to Ethiopia one day. But for now, I will enjoy my Friday off tomorrow.


Enjoy your Spring Break kids!







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