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Law of Attraction Project

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Pretty much about 5 years ago I learned of the law of attraction, and how you can use “The Secret” of it to get whatever your heart desires, provided your heart truly desires it, with absolutely no second thoughts, cold feet, or ounce of doubt in your soul, in your bones.

And so, I have a dream, a goal, a wish, and will proceed to not waste anymore time and get straight to that. I want to be successful on the side, perhaps instead of any and all jobs I may encounter through these ventures of working for someone else in America. My goal, my wish is to start an extremely successful blog that will attract entrepreneurs, celebrities, wealthy businessmen and women to participate in the work I do, primarily in my blog and creative process- mainly my content or the results of my progress and work.

My blog will be about different careers in the current field of the modern economy and society: they can range anywhere from highly desired and competitive careers such as being a baker, lawyer, music producer, to something less competitive or extremely lucrative to dentistry, human resource management, real estate agent. I will not focus on careers perceived just as the ideal career that we all read about in elementary school. What I most desire is to talk to people of all kinds of jobs and careers and find out what they have loved, hated, and learned through their work; what they have been passionate about their jobs and what everyone who wants this job needs to know about the more emotional or personal side, and not just the amount of hours and money one gets paid. My reason for making this blog/ miniature career is so that:

– I can live my passion about learning about the careers that help the world go around and around everyday, because jobs stimulate the economy and give people a sense of self-worth when it comes to making a difference in the world they live in, and trying to chase the American dream or ideal and achieving success.

-Others will absorb and consume more knowledge when it comes to different careers they may want to pursue. This can be anyone from an elementary school student who wonders what it is like or required to become an astronaut; a high school students that wants to learn what college programs will help them become an investment banker or lawyer; or just a curious person my age who does not yet have their dream-career but would like to know what steps to take to get there, and the challenges and rewards they may encounter on the way there or once they are settled into this career.

What I have experienced in life, through asking questions and listening, is that some people like making lots and lots of money, but at their job they lack a certain amount of emotional fulfillment. These people have told me that what they like about their job is that they have the money to pay their bills and take care of their families, but nothing about the actual practice or experience while at work. When it comes to what they DO NOT like, they manage to come up with a lot more content. Although I need not have an opinion when it comes to these types of careers, a large part of me would like to see people from all walks of life- regardless of age, religion, ethnic background, income- to find fulfillment in what they do and celebrate going to work and taking pride in what they do. Of course, we will all experience and dissatisfaction in our careers or jobs one day, or maybe for a long week, but I hope that these are just small occurrences that may not drive the person to drown their work sorrows with alcohol, food, or other types of abusable substances. My dream, not just for me, is that everyone appreciate what they’re doing and fit into their work perfectly. Of course perfection is not possible, but I believe a strong sense of confidence and stability in one’s work is very possible, given these people have the means and channels to successfully enter a workforce that places them where their personality and work ethic correspond. Wouldn’t you want your chef, bank teller, barista, bus driver, dentist, to actually enjoy and be skilled at his or her job? The positive energy and fulfillment of one member of society can better dissipate when very few people abhor their jobs and envy the ones that are doing what they are happy doing. We can all benefit from a more emotionally stable and healthy society where most workers enjoy where they are and can easily navigate to a realistic career that suits their skills, needs, work ethic, and personalities.

Thanks for reading this; I’ll write on my next post what will help me get there, but for now I am putting my desires out there in the universe and hopefully the same energy will come back and I could start something. My end goals is to establish a website or platform where anyone could type in a type of career, see an interview or a short paragraph about the steps a worker had to take to get his or her career, the job description itself (more detailed in terms of experience than mere statistics). And lastly, a short video or interview where once can witness the day in the life of that which they would like to become. I hope this does help people out, and I would love it to be successful from giving back to the community.

Thanks for reading,