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It’s All Quite Interesting

Posted: June 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Life. Earth. The Universe. Humans.

I was watching Wall-E with my niece and nephew today. It was awesome. It, and everything else I look at it seems, made me think of the future. I don’t know if very many of us think of or postulate the future very much, but I do. I think about who we were, who we are, and where we are going. I think of both biological/ genetic infrastructures and networks, as well as the social infrastructures that regenerate, reproduce, and form networks in perhaps a similar fashion.

In the future, we will go through climate change, like remember the Pleistocene Age? That wiped out a lot of species; and it also allowed us to be superior primates and mammals, allowing us to eventually forage for food and settle into complex villages whereby we could sustain ourselves using the domestication of wild plants and animals, hence agriculture and the advent of civilization- and the economic, religious, and legislative institutions that help guide, shift, and preserve it all. Chieftains of nomadic tribes, through social evolution, became settled as kings that directed or set up regulation of water- an extremely valuable resource for life.

I am interested in tracing the course of our biological evolutionary history- along with our own social evolution, from food foraging, to tribalism, to feudalism, and then capitalism. I don’t really want to enter the world or realm of computers, but sure why not. People are computers because they are made of up, self-replicating devices known as DNA, and the proteins that carry instructions to build, repair, and move all of this information through our bodies. These inscribed codes are similarly found in computers, whose codes and algorithms instruct physical hardware and command this hardware to make things move. DNA is awesome, it’s like a software program, with it’s own history and changes under environmental pressures.

I studied Sociology in school. People argued nature versus, nurture. Both and neither are true. The idea and structures of nature are socially constructed. And our social constructions of nature, are depended on molecular energy needed to feed our minds to come up and argue with such concepts. Having said this, DNA and life have a mind of their own. They use humans, snails, ants, etc. as vessels and vassals for a sustainable existence. In the future DNA will have fused with computer hardware- designed by the men and women that are occupied, and form self-replicating institutions and realities by which they can one day move from planet to planet, to different galaxies where they can better adapt to their given environment. The economic enterprise Capitalism- through its own social errors, thrives on overproduction and exploitation of resources- from titanium, copper, to water, timber and human labor. Naturally, a system that functions in this will not be very helpful to the biosphere in which we occupy. We will become more efficient and taking smaller and smaller pieces of matter and making them go a long way.

If we don’t transport life to another planet, a new economic system will emerge. This is what i am interested in. What kind of economy, and therefore what kind of human society will merge? The economy is one of many social institutions that govern, regulate, and mobilize the homo sapien species in a post-civilized and agrarian-industrialized biosphere. Mainly the basic and fundamental institutions in the human model are the Economy, the Government, the Military, and perhaps Education. They follow the biological or cellular model that causes genetic replication, but on the more socio-historical and infrastructural level. For example, the typical cell is made up of organelles that function to help a cell eat, breathe, store waste, and reproduce itself through instruction. Different organisms must eat, compete, and acquire biological traits that help it survive and reproduce on planet Earth. Social institutions are then vessels by which these simple organisms actualize their goals, through domination of the entire planet through culture. Society has parts like cells do. Education through socialization, much as different transcribing forms of RNA function to direct and instruct many parts of a cell. Economy on a cellular level means eating, and gathering and processing nutrients and the helpful proteins, lipids, and sugars that help it perform functions. The military is an important and relevant institution and requisite in life forms because it assumes competition using an array of “weaponry,” such as mandibles, sharp teeth or claws, the ability to camouflage and hunt during the night time and day time, for an increased proportion or expansion of diet. The sociohistorical military offers tools and innovations that help different humans compete for both material and social resources for power, wealth, and social prestige- such behaviors can also be found in other primates, and to a certain extent in ants. Ants have a history of enslavement, or capturing labor and utilizing it to perform functions for the queen of a different colony. Anyway, it’s all connected- the different institutions correspond with the different organelles and perhaps molecular structures- and each institution is connected to another.

I want to somehow start a larger field of synthesis with these two concepts of Sociology and Biology, in order to get a better sense of how to direct or manage social systems and structures that they yield or perform in a way not contrary to nature on the cellular level, but to use biological principles in a more magnificent sense, because the current economic system may run counter to the operations of Biosphere Planet Earth.

I heard socialism will take its place, but this is highly unlikely. Any system will persist, as long as it manages to motivate everyone to survive and reproduce. Capitalism is different because on the agricultural level, it seizes and manipulates structures on the genetic level to meet different profit margins, and patents these processes for considerable profits and capital. So, I am predicting somewhere along the way, after droughts, warfare, famine, and poltical dissaray, will emerge a new economic system. I am not promoting or endorsing socialism as the new system, nor am I trying to impede anyones quest for power and wealth. Throughout human histories, hierarchies have been in place in order to efficiently build, forage, and internally produce goods that sustain the system as a whole. There will be no egalitarian society- at least not in teh near future. Different hierarchies of wealth and power will persist, it is only a question to whether or not they will continue the tradition of a WASP sort of control, as seen in the Middle Ages, the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and the absolute economic, political, and miltaristic domination of the US.

Anyway, I want to figure out what that system is, because it will be up for grabs by people one day. Someone will benefit from it and they might want to know how to construct it and engineer it for when the time comes. Once I have this knowledge, I may use it to buy some form of airplane to travel because as for now I am economically depending on the economic system and those who control the capital- the large banks of the modern day world.

Yes, it’s all very interesting.