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first mobile phone post

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

I am writing this on my phone cuz the library is closed and tomorrow as well. I don’t have a laptop because I figure it would take over my life but my phone is now. It’s because u can listen to music on it and communicate with others on it. Back then u could only text call play snake or use the alarm function. Everything changed what n phones turned into computers. They’re not telephones anymore, they’re just small laptops now really. You still multitask and pretty much transplant your reality into your phone now. It’s kinda scary. Online shopping, banking, messaging, entertainment, emails, job searches, using it at night and in the morning, before and after work. Everyone is on their cell phone nowadays, its like a watch, but it takes your mind off reality that u can’t control and sublimates it into a material reality u can control profusely except… It controls you more. Were realm dependent on our phones. Thanks